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Unleashing the value in your marketing database.

What Makes our Platform Different?

Superior Data Approach
The nature of marketing data has changed. It resides in many disparate sources and its structure is much more fluid. Core is a web-based, data crunching and analysis platform designed to untangle and unlock the value in your marketing data.

Fast, Cost-Effective Deployment
Core starts with the marketer’s key challenges, working backward to design and develop highly aggregated data stores (Customer Attributes, Attributed Orders, and Product Performance), and deliver them quickly and cost-effectively.

Applications Providing Real Solutions
In addition to ad-hoc analyses, Core’s data stores support a broad set of optional marketing analytics applications ranging from foundational apps such as Customer File and Migration Reporting, Campaign Reporting (with Revenue Attribution), LTV Reporting, and Selection to advanced apps such as Predictive Modeling and Scoring and Email and Direct Mail Contact Optimization.

Core Plus AppsCore Plus Apps


Superior Data Approach, Fast, Cost-Effective Deployment, and Best Practices Apps.

Get a summary of the key features of the Core Platform. From easy data integration to fast deployment of expert-designed applications, Core makes solving your marketing challenges the focus, rather than an afterthought. Read more.

Core houses highly aggregated data stores. Dive into one powerful example, Customer Attributes.

Richly constructed customer attributes give marketers insight into customer behavior and power smarter marketing decisions. Learn more about these customer attributes and how they are the foundation for the key marketing analytics applications. Read more.

The applications a direct marketer really needs to move the needle.

An overview of the key marketing analytics applications, from foundational apps like Customer File and Migration Reporting and Campaign Reporting with Revenue Attribution to advanced apps like Predictive Modeling and Contact Optimization. Read more.

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