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Smart Seasonal Marketing

Many companies have come to understand the importance of incorporating climate data into their marketing systems.  By incorporating seasonal climate trends into advertising and marketing campaigns, companies can significantly increase marketing revenue and efficiencies.

Understanding the climates and seasons where your customers live is critical, in order to deliver relevant products and marketing messages at the appropriate time.  Climate data will drive:

  • Regional product slotting for catalogs and other print marketing pieces
  • Timing of email and other digital marketing campaigns
  • Specific marketing contact dates by region of the country

With mail, email and other digital marketing channels, you can target specific regions with different messages and products.  These regions may be comprised of states, zip code areas within states (retail trade areas), or even individual zip codes.  For example, if you offer winter coats and cold weather gear, it is critical to know first if these products are relevant to your customers in warmer-weather climates, and second when to get these products in front of your customers in cold-weather climates.  Other examples of climate-sensitive products include lawn and garden goods, rain gear, beach apparel and gear, snow removal equipment, summer sandals, and the list goes on. 

Operationally, you can select who receives each of two versioned catalogs according to who lives in a cold vs. warm climate zip code.  And those two versions could go out on different dates.  Similarly, for emails, you can deliver climate-sensitive emails according to who lives in four different tiers of zip codes, where the four tiers rank regions as cold, cool, warm, hot.

Clario Analytics offers updated Climate data, featuring 30-year (1980-2010) “normals” from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  Data includes monthly and annual measurements, including temperature (minimum, maximums, and averages), heating and cooling degree days, precipitation and elevation.  All data is mapped from climate stations to the zip code level.  For more information on this climate data, contact us.

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