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Don't Forget your Non Buyers

Many direct marketers build sophisticated RFM(PC) segments or sophisticated models for their buyers, but essentially ignore their non-buyers.  Non-buyers can be acquired in a variety of ways, including through catalog requests, web registrations, gift recipients, abandoned calls, etc.  Many marketers may direct an initial campaign or two to this group of non-buyers, but then forget about them.

There are ways to find the best potential non-buyers!  Data available for these non-buyers may include:

  • Non-Buyer transaction data – recency, channel, source of non-buyer event (catalog request, ship-to, giftee, abandoned call, web registration)
  • Customer data – email opt in/out, region, web registrant, etc.
  • Web visit data – # of visits, # of pages by category, visit recency
  • Email send/open/click data – # of opens, # of clicks by time period
  • Co-op data – # and amount of purchasing elsewhere, by channel and product category
  • Demographic data – age, income, children, etc.
  • Social media – hits on Facebook, Twitter

We recently built Non-Buyer response and sales models for a client, combining them into a sales/customer model, and results were as follows:

A variety of data sources were used to uncover some very good names within this non-buyer pool, at a performance index over 4.5 times the average.  A significant number of Non-Buyers now qualify to receive future marketing campaigns.  Conversely, we were able to find very poor names as well, with a performance index just 0.06 of the average, to suppress from further marketing campaigns.

So consider what data you have, and pay attention to those Non-Buyers!

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